January 12, 2013

Reasons Why I Shouldn't Create Online Accounts:

So, I set up an etsy.com account. Which was a horrible idea.

Why you may ask? Seems like a perfectly harmless, adorable website full of cool jewelry, nice prints, and scarves.


My wish list is ridiculously long and my credit card information is very much at the ready.

Not saying I like to comfort myself with material goods, but I did just start a new internship, a new play, and the new semester is quickly approaching.

I picked up this awesome infinity scarf:

from the cute shop PoePoePurses. It is going to be a vital part of my wardrobe in February, especially since my play is all about love and opens on Valentines day!

January 8, 2013

Well, THAT was an adventure.

Hey party people!

I'm back being just a chef's daughter. Last semester, from September through mid-December I was off being adventurous and stuff. I wrote about it in a different blog, because, well I just really like making blogs and it was fun to have this new one specifically for traveling shinanegains. So, if you want to read about my Ecuadorian travels, check outChelle Travels and read all about it!

Since we're in this relatively new year, and I only gave a half-second thought to my resolutions this year, (I mean, I wasn't banking on a Mayan-dooms day, but I was really into living in the moment> ya dig? [okay I was lazy!])I'm going to make a small resolution to write more. It's something I love to do, it helps me sort out the craziness of my life, and I hope it gives other people a chance to stop and read something. Whoa, who just spilled their queso all over my post?!

Cheesy, get it?

I'm currently working with a lot of "new" in my life back in D-town. New semester, new room, new bed, new job, new internship. While I like the shiny aspect of this newness, it kinda freaks me out. New is unpredictable and routine really helps me keep this crazy life under control.

But, there's something thrilling about the unknown and unpredictable.

August 17, 2012

Themed Thursday:

Today's Themed Thursday is sponsored by the number twelve. Why twelve, you may ask. Well, I'll tell you! It's 2012, you fools!

I was reading an article online titled "23 things I should be able to do at 23 (but can't)" which made Kelsey and I think to give this whole "list thing" a try.

So, here's my twelve things about 2012:

1. I've grown up. A lot.
I think it could be paying rent, working 40 hours a week this summer, or having to make appointments for things like shots, that really forced me to grow up. For the past seven years, I've felt like a thirteen-year-old. It's as if I was stuck in that stage for a really long time. But, now I have the confidence to problem solve, get sh*t done, and pretend to function as an adult in society.

2. Packing and unpacking is a constant part of my life.
I hate it. But, I do love the fun I have in between packing and unpacking.

3. Meat is gross.
Vegetarianism is awesome and after I'm done traveling(because it is usually insensitive to say no to offered food) I will be going back. I may even try being vegan. But, it probably won't happen because I love cheese.

4. Having a house off-campus rocks.

5. It's okay to say goodbye and move on.

6. People change. You change. I change.
Accept this, accept the change, and keep going.

7. Sometimes it's a good idea to just call Kelsey.
Things happen that only my mind-twin can help me figure out.

8. The best nights usually include a deck, cookies, and/or Harry Potter.

9. If one thing is going to break, three other things will break at the same time.
Cell phone battery, laptop battery, car, backpack, and shoe all at once.

10. Dance parties rock.

11. More time needs to be dedicated to adventure and fun.

12. My blog did pretty well, but I'm switching over to this one Chelle Travels for my study abroad. It's pretty.

Okay, so those are my twelve. I'm sure Kelsey is going to have something to do with cheese or dancing. Or not. I don't know her life. I do know that I need to sleep more.

August 2, 2012

I'm awful, I know.

Yea, I have been slacking hard-core. I'm going to go ahead and crown Kelsey as the July Blogging Queen. I also just made up that title. Doesn't make it any less important.

Life is hot. As in humid, gross, must jump into Lake Superior fully clothed, hot.

Recently I sort of shifted positions in the Marketing Department and now am the resident "Get Sh*t Done-er" of the production studio. I love it. So much fun! Except, I don't have a key to the studio. That's a problem, especially since I currently should be in the studio scheduling interviews. Oh well, I'll sit in the school coffee shop and drink tea. That works, too.

July 24, 2012

I'm begging you please to come home.

Last night my friend Cecelia visited my giant-green barn of a house. I had to suppress the urge to burst into song. It's just such a great sing-along and I be she's never EVER heard someone sing her name to her! (Sarcasm folks)

Being a girl with a name in a song is not exactly fun. Don't get me wrong, I love my name. I couldn't picture myself with any name besides Michelle. But, when someone you are just introduced to starts attempting to serenade you with your own name, it's a titch obnoxious. Unless you're my mom because Moms get to sing name songs.

Thankfully, the Beatles didn't have as catchy a tune as Simon & Garfunkel.

July 21, 2012

Stay away from jazz and liquor.

My mom, aunt, friend, and I just got back from a spectacular performance of Chicago
in which my dear friend, Callie, starred as Roxie! She was absolutely fantastic! What a show!

The only criticism that I had was about the theater. HOLY CRAP WAS IT HOT. An actor friend of mine once told me that acting is 90% sweating. At this show, being an audience member was 100% sweat. I had a floor seat and was practically on top of the woman next to me. Jeesh! I feel like I have a new bestie.

All in all, it has been a wonderful weekend home!

July 20, 2012


We're horrible. We get it. Sorry.

This weeks shared theme: a fictional account about our fateful meeting. It includes a shared sentence! What is that sentence? Well, read both posts and see if you can find it. Duh.

A story this beautiful needs to be felt, to be seen, to have a smell. Actually, no. We met at speech camp and the smells there are of fear, caffeine, and complete OWNAGE of rooms. Not the greatest smell in the world. Anyway, shall we begin?

The scene opens with a young Michelle checking into the GAC Summer Speech institute. She is a bit apprehensive, but excited at the same time. She is soon to be a Junior in high school and has a dorky haircut. Obviously, she is lost. The wheel of her suitcase is stuck and is making for a very awkward walk through the halls of the dorm. She approaches the dorm that is to be hers for the next week. The door is open and she awkwardly pokes her head in.

Michelle: Hello? Is anyone here?
Voice: Another person who enjoys speech! It's true! They exist!

A girl, approximately 30 days younger than Michelle emerges from one of the two bedrooms into a lounge area. Their eyes lock and thunder claps! This is a sign from Thor the God of Thunder! They shall be friends!

Kelsey: Did you hear that thunder?
Michelle: Yea, pretty sure it means we're destined to be bffers or something.
Kelsey: Totally. We both have that aura of awesome surrounding us. And Thor did use a mighty thunder clap to signal the beginning of our friendship. Let's begin.

Both girls simultaneously start talking about EVERYTHING.

The curtain rises three days later. The girls are hanging out in their lounge sorting through scripts, making important highlights on paper, and eating cheetos.

Kelsey: Michelle, you know how we are the same person? Well, I do interp and you should be doing P/A.
Michelle: Yes, we are connected at the brain. And, I agree. Why in the world am I going to waste my time at this camp doing prep for a script and category that I won't even compete in during the season?
Kelsey: Valid question. Any way, how do I play a woman who has cancer, her dog died, both of her children are going through identity crisis, her husband only eats cat treats, and she's cross-eyed in both eyes?
Michelle: She's cross-eyed in BOTH eyes? Is that even possible?
Kelsey: Anything is possible.
Michelle: Truth.

Allowing this moment of extreme clarity to sink in, the lights fade to black. The curtain rises on the girls sitting in the caf, dressed in suits, stuffing their faces with food.
Michelle: I love cheese.
Kelsey: Me too.
Michelle: Kelsey, I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


And there you have it, folks. A completely made-up, but could also be partly the truth, version of how Kelsey and I met each other. I'm sure her's will be far more creative and will probably involve a yeti or something, but I am quite tired. Driving home for the weekend took its toll.

So be sure to check out Kelsey's blog Ramblings of a Hypothetical Giant and see her version of the tale.

The force is weak with this one.

Sorry Kelsey. Themed Thursday slipped my mind due to the One-Man Star Wars Trilogy.


It was the coolest thing I have ever seen one person perform in my entire life. I did a nerd dance before the show, had a ridiculous grin during the show, and cried a little when I had to leave. It was AWESOME.

So, yes. Themed-Thursday will have to be later today. Lo siento.

July 19, 2012

Like, yo. Like, sup?

Have you ever had a fantastic idea? You're just laying in bed after work, trying to get rid of that headache you got from staring at a computer and it hits you.


You tell yourself that the idea will stay. So, you simply roll over and continue snoozing.

When you wake up and ready to write down that great idea, it's gone. Simply gone.

That happened to me. It was one of the most frustrating things that has happened to me recently. Grr. And the worst part about it was that this idea was the perfect solution to a problem I'm having. So, now I'm still puzzled as to how I can schedule six different people at the same time AND I am frustrated that I didn't write that idea down.

I'm so impressed with people who can have great, creative ideas and pens so their ideas will live and thrive. Poets do a great job of that.

July 17, 2012

Baby, you. You got what I need!

I discovered that work can go a lot faster and be way more entertaining if you listen to the Beastie Boys on Pandora. I also found out that dancing in the computer lab is frowned upon, but if you're friends with the IT help desk kids, then you can get a way with a lot.

My musical tastes are incredibly strange and very diverse. I match music with my mood. My Pandora stations were discovered by some co-workers and one was really confused by the thirty-some stations of all varieties. I have Mozart, classic show tunes, The Lumineers, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Christmas (because it helps with the heat, duh) carols, The Ramones, and so much more.

Music is fun.